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How To Use Your DSLR Camera and Light 101

This intermediate workshop is designed to take you from shooting in auto mode to semi and full manual modes, allowing you to infuse more creativity into your photography. You will enhance your understanding of how to work with light and movement, through theoretical lessons and practical exercises indoor and outdoor. By the end of the course, you will have the foundation needed to delve into advanced genres of photography, such as portraiture, fashion, product, travel, family, babies, and wedding photography.

What You Will Learn?


_ Your Camera essential settings coverage

- Exposure variables

- How ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed work together

- Camera sensor, sensitivity, dynamic range, depth of field

- Auto Focus vs Manual Focus

- Meter modes

- All camera modes

- White Balance

- Flash, Histograms, Long exposures

- Photography rules ( and which you can break )

- Image formats ( RAW vs JPEG )

- Crop sensor camera vs Full frame

- Exposure overview

- Lenses overview

_ Lighting overview

- White Balance overview

- Types of light

- Importance of light

- Lens flares overview

- Silhouettes overview

- Back lighting

- Shadows and highlights

- Angles, Mood and Texture

- Light exposure

- Lighting mistakes

- Golden Hour

- Shooting in low light

- Shooting in the sun

- Tips and tricks

- Full day of practical shooting outdoor with models and objects

Who is this course for?


- Everyone is welcomed with or without any previous knowledge in Photography or cameras.

- Residents living across Dubai and Sharjah

- Anyone interested in learning a new skill or hobby or building a career in Photography business

- The course time is flexible and available 7 days a week

- Into practical shooting ( indoor and outdoor )

What do you need for this course?

- Everyone is we

- DSLR or mirrorless camera with fully-charged battery (point-and-shoot cameras and smartphones are not suitable)

- Tripod (if you have one)

- Empty memory card for your camera

- Course Notebook & pen will be given by the instructor

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Image by Hanson Lu


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