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How To Use Light In Photography 101

In this intensive workshop, you will progress from a studio novice to a fledgling professional as you gain confidence with the lighting principles as well as the gear that will make your pictures pop. You’ll put your new knowledge into practice for an extended hands-on session shooting in the studio, with a focus on portraiture. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be ready to tackle everything from family portraiture and fashion to head-shots!

Who is this course for?


- Everyone is welcomed with or without any previous knowledge in Photography or cameras.

- Resident living across Dubai and Sharjah

- Anyone interested in learning a new skill or hobby

- The course time is flexible and available 7 days a week.

- Theory and practical shooting ( indoor )

What You Will Learn?


- White Balance overview

- Types of light

- Importance of light

- Lens flares overview

- Silhouettes overview

- Back lighting

- Shadows and highlights

- Light exposure

- Golden Hour

- Shooting in low light

- Shooting in the sun

- Practical shooting ( indoor )